Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Selling

As you prepare to enter the New Year, it’s worth revisiting business basics.  One of the most important business basics to understand is the difference between MARKETING and SELLING.

While opinions may vary on this, based on lessons learned in my experience, here’s how I personally view the distinction:

MARKETING is identifying a group of people with a specific problem, letting them know that you can solve the problem, and telling them where they can get details about the solution to the problem.

SELLING, on the other hand, is providing specific information about the solution to people who’ve expressed an interest in the “MARKETING MESSAGE”, so someone can decide if they want to buy the solution being offered.

In simple terms…

MARKETING is about GETTING PEOPLE TO LOOK at what you have to offer.

SELLING is about HELPING PEOPLE DECIDE TO BUY what you have to offer.




Here’s an example.

If I say to you that I own company ABC and that we make shoes that allow you to walk on water,
and state that if you’d like to know more, please provide your name and email address, OR I say
enter your name and e-mail address to enter our web site that provides full details on this fantastic
new product.



When you enter your contact information to receive the details mentioned in the “MARKETING MESSAGE”,
or you access the product web site, here’s what you discover

– The shoes are $250

– One size fits all

– The shoes come with a lifetime guarantee

– The shoes are endorsed by a famous athlete

etc., etc,.


Bottom line, if someone provides you with their contact information, so that they can look at what you have to offer,
then guess what…

The MARKETING task is done. It’s over.  You have a prospect!

The SALES task, on the other hand, is the responsibility of the company that supplies the product or service being marketed.

When the company provides enough compelling information for us prospects to determine that our desired result can be achieved through buying the product or service, then we become customers.  As marketers, the end of the process means we get paid because a sale has occurred, as a result of our marketing efforts.

The reason that many people fail to make money online is that they’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s their responsibility to SELL a given product or service.

As a Marketer, it IS NOT your responsibility to SELL.  It IS your responsibility to MARKET.

There is a distinct difference.

When you clearly understand that selling must occur but, as a Marketer, YOU ARE NOT supposed to do the selling,
then the pressure is off and you can focus on managing your marketing system to make money.

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Here’s wishing you a profitable and prosperous 2012 and beyond!

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