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Wayne here and I’ve got a special training for you today…

David Garfinkel is a highly sought-after copywriter with an uncanny knack for distilling complex, core copywriting concepts and strategies into practical steps that anyone, regardless of skill or experience, can easily follow, apply, and duplicate.

It’s no wonder he’s known as “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Teacher.”

David recently interviewed over at The Renegade Blog so, I thought I’d shoot you this the hour long audio training that was really helpful to me …

You’re going to learn that copywriting is about making a connection with people using the written word or the recorded word (audio or video).

Part of that connection involves action.

You can connect with someone and have a feeling about it, but you’re never going to be able to help them or let them help you if someone hasn’t taken an action.

It’s action that completes the connection.

It’s action that produces the live, real-time, in-person (or over the phone) conversation or personal email dialog.

Copywriting is ALL the things you do that lead up to the real-time or in-person connection.

THIS is the million dollar skill.

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