Create Leveraged Income

WhatIsLeveragedIncomeImage Create Leveraged Income
Before we begin the journey that leads to the kind of personal wealth that results in both job and debt freedom, turn your attention to the question and answer above. The reason that it’s important to understand what we mean by Leveraged Income is because having this understanding provides the context that will guide us along the way.
Take a moment to read and understand both the question and the answer.

Now, with a basic understanding of what Leveraged Income is, it’s time to take the potentially life changing first step toward creating leveraged income, by choosing from this day forward to make a habit of collecting income-producing assets. This is simple to do and easier to accomplish than you might think.

Select Collect Income-Producing Assets from the menu above to review the portfolio of passive cash flow generators that I’m currently using, and that you can also put to work create a consistent flow of leveraged income for yourself and your family starting today.

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