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Win Against the Competition With SEO

Wayne here.  Hope this finds you profitable. Regardless of the business you’re in, there is one thing all businesses share: they have competitors. Granted, this isn’t true for a monopoly, but that isn’t likely to happen online. The most likely scenario on the internet is finding a competitor, or two, or a hundred all competing […]


Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Selling

As you prepare to enter the New Year, it’s worth revisiting business basics.  One of the most important business basics to understand is the difference between MARKETING and SELLING. While opinions may vary on this, based on lessons learned in my experience, here’s how I personally view the distinction: MARKETING is identifying a group of […]


I’m Done with Bright Shiny Objects in 2012 and Beyond

Hey everyone! Wayne here with a preview into some of the key business building and marketing strategies I’ll be using to promote and in 2012 and beyond. The end of 2011 will mark the evolution of into a more mature business that will operate under the umbrella of In the coming […]