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How to Cash Flow the Internet™ to Earn $50 In the Next Half Hour and Even More After That!

Wayne here.  Thank you for visiting!

If you’ve been struggling to
earn a single dollar online,
that’s all about to change
because of the free information
and video that I’m going to share
with you today.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to
earn at least $50 in the next half hour
WITHOUT marketing or selling
a thing to get the money, and in the process
you will also discover how I was able
to turn a one-time $18 payment into

Why am I doing this?

I’m doing this to prove to you
that you really can make money
online more easily than you
might imagine, and that you can
do it over, and over again if you
really want to.

In fact, I and more than 9000 others
(who are doing what you’re about to learn)
are banking instant direct deposits and
recurring monthly income with this secret,
and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do
the same thing.

You see, with all the shady stuff
online these days, I’ve found that
most folks want proof that something
actually works before they believe
it WILL work for them.

I’ve also found that the best proof
is typically money in your bank account
that you can actually spend.

So, here is how you can earn $50 in
the next half hour (so we can get
the whole proof thing out of the way
and get you in position to start
banking some stable instant and
recurring income).

By the way…what I’m about to share with you
works first time, every time, EVEN if you have
NEVER EARNED a single dime online before.

So…here’s how to get your $50 bucks.


Click here to watch the free video and
create an Easy Cash Code
(ECC) account,


Login to your ECC account backoffice and review
each of the 7 simple steps required to setup and
unlock your Easy Cash Code (ECC) software to rake in
maximum profits.  You’ll find these steps under the
Complete These Steps First button on your
ECC backoffice dashboard.  The button will look
like the one you see below.

CompleteSteps How to Cash Flow the Internet™ to Earn $50 In the Next Half Hour and Even More After That!

NOTE:   Each of the seven (7) steps
has a short tutorial video that walks you
through how to setup the system to
generate income from that particular step.


Review all 7 steps in order and do NOT skip ahead.
NOTE:  You must proceed through each step in sequence to
unlock the next step.  However, If you are not quite ready
to complete steps one (1) through four (4) as you unlock them,
no worries.  You can always go back and complete these steps
later, when you are ready to earn MUCH more than just $50 bucks
over and over again.

However, if you want to earn your guaranteed
$50 today, then you need to immediately
complete steps five (5) and six (6) in order as soon
as you unlock them.

Step five (5) is labeled: Claim Your Free $600 Rebate

Step six (6) is labeled: Get Unlimited $20 Bills FREE

It should take you no more than ten to
fifteen minutes at the most to complete
these two steps. (Remember, if you want to
earn more, you can go back and complete
the other steps whenever you are ready to
earn instant recurring cash flow.)

The videos for steps five and six will
explain how to collect your $50 for
completing these particular steps.

That’s It!

Think this sounds way too simple?

Well…it sounds simple because
it really IS simple!

Now…here’s a question for you…

Do you know what just happened?

I have just removed the financial
barrier, that may be stopping you
from becoming a member of my
Cash Flow the Internet™ Easy Cash Code

Consider this…

Where else can you earn $50
right now without making a single sale,
AND be in position to receive unlimited
instant $18 payments and more over
and over again?

Think about it…

Even though it costs you a one-time $18
to setup your Easy Cash Code (ECC) account,
you can recover your startup cost by
using the $50 you’re about to earn
today, pay yourself back the $18
investment you made to get started,
and still have a $32 profit!

It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s the definition of a WIN-WIN deal.

Invest $18 to gain $50, that’s
a 36% return on investment (ROI),
which is one heck of a deal no
matter how you slice it.

But wait…there’s more!

Once you get inside, you’ll learn how
I turned that one-time $18 into
$1215.85, and I’ll share with you
the shortcut I’m using right now to
generate $1000 paydays.   This little
secret is found when you select the red
Triple Your Income button on the
dashboard of your ECC backoffice.  This
shortcut is just one of the benefits you gain
as a member of the

Cash Flow the Internet™ Easy Cash Code Team

So, don’t wait a second longer…you can do this!


and complete the steps to earn your guaranteed $50 right now!

NOTE: Although Easy Cash Code is available globally,
the $50 offer
is ONLY available to U.S. residents at
the present time.  Residents outside the U.S. can still
access our income-generating software for a small
one-time $18 investment, and qualify to earn
unlimited instant 100% commissions and more as
an Easy Cash Code user/affiliate.


VideoProof1 How to Cash Flow the Internet™ to Earn $50 In the Next Half Hour and Even More After That!











See you on the inside, and I look forward
to welcoming you to the team and
to hearing your success story!

Until we correspond again,

2017 New Easy Cash Code UPDATE: Take the Money…There’s Plenty to Go Around!

Wayne here with an exciting update
on the new Easy Cash Code 2017.

Let me start with this question…

What do you do when you get paid
every time you give away money?

Answer:  You give away as much
money as you possibly can, to as many
people as you possibly can, as often
as you possibly can, as fast as you
possibly can!

Sounds crazy right?

Well…as crazy as it sounds, over 6000
people are cashing in each and every
day doing EXACTLY that, while also
promoting their primary business.

How are they doing it?!

They do it by using the

Easy Cash Code 2017

What is Easy Cash Code 2017?

For me and a whole lot of other folks
it’s an “Easy Cash Cow”!

In case you missed one of my early
posts on this amazing program,
Easy Cash Code 2017 gives you the ability
to turn anything that you’re currently
promoting into a funded proposal that
effectively makes your promotions
instantly profitable and consistently

Consider this deal, because folks
it’s very real…

If you were paid a guaranteed $50
for spending $18 one-time, how many
times would you do that deal?

It’s a no-brainer right?

Well what if we make the deal even sweeter…

What if you didn’t have to market or sell anything
to get your $50?

This is INSANE…you invest $18 one-time,
you earn $50, that’s a 36% return on investment (ROI),
and that my friends is a deal that most anyone
would do all day, every day.

Now get this…

You can even use the $50 to recover the $18
investment you made to get started, and
STILL have a $32 profit.  Now that’s WITHOUT
marketing or selling anything to get the money.

Folks…it simply doesn’t get any better than
Easy Cash Code 2017.

Don’t believe me?

There’s $50 waiting for you to claim it.

Take the money…there’s plenty of it!

Start getting paid to give away money,
while your primary business grows in both
revenue and profit.


Until we correspond again,